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I fell in love with storytelling when as a young girl, we – that’s me, my siblings and cousins - would gather several nights a week to tell listen to folktales from around the world. Whether it was an adult sharing from memory, or someone making up a story, being transported to another world through stories was always a trip.

A voracious reader, I read nearly everything in my path and began writing short stories in my teens, which I continue to do today. I like imagining an alternative storyline to the one we’ve heard before, so sometimes I create my own. I like to push the boundaries and have difficult conversations, which also means that I have to admit I’m wrong from time to time.

A self-proclaimed multipotentialite, I enjoy the variety of interests. The creative process of almost anything intrigues me, I like to sing, bake and cake, play the drums, getting my hands dirty with a bit of DIY…

I live in Essex with my handsome husband and four wonderful babies (who keep reminding me of the small fact that they’re long past the age of being called babies). When not writing bestselling novels (why not?), I am a Management Consultant who enjoys reading and hanging out with my family.

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