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I’ll bet you think...

His face used to light up when I walked into the room. Smile so wide, his face could hardly contain it. A soft glow would radiate from within and spill out of his eyes... expression of pure joy caught me up in its arms and held me close. Each time I walked in. Sometimes. Then hardly ever...

How did I not notice when that smile dimmed, and he no longer lit up for me? Did I imagine a trace of eagerness as he waved me goodbye before shutting the door so quickly, my goodbye kiss fell on the door?

No, I didn’t.

I knew he loved me. Then I thought he loved me. I thought I was all, never noticing as he untied himself and slipped away. All that time I stood gazing admiringly at our reflection, I thought he was standing with me. Maybe that’s fair. Except when I really did look around, I found I was gazing alone.

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